Tanja Kallio

“The moment when a flock of white willow grouses suddenly fly away, or when you realize the graphic pattern of trees standing next to each other, the feeling of moss in my finger tips, rhythm of flowing water in flat rock, and the taste of wild herb leaf.”

Most noteworthy experiences are Tanja Kallio’s inspirations and an important source of her creativity. Especially the wild Northern Scandinavia and the nature of Lapland inspire with their vividness and clarity. Inspiration comes as a surprise and happens in an atmosphere where you can be present with all your senses open. As a wanderer designer Tanja wants to capture those experiences, atmospheres and details that intuitively feel meaningful and aesthetic. She uses hand-made sketches and paintings together with digital techniques. In fabrics Tanja wishes to pass stories that begin to live their own life through the hard or soft materials.

“Since my childhood I have been driven by the need to do things with my hands, like painting, creating installations and handicrafts. That need led me to study art, graphic design (BA) and textile design (BA). Now I am working as a freelancer entrepreneur. Saying this, my days include designing visuals and textile surfaces for clients, producing my own textile designs and challenging my creativity with multi-artistic projects.”

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