Hanna Ruusulampi

I’m Hanna Ruusulampi, a freelance designer and illustrator from Vantaa, Finland. My main focus is surface pattern design, illustration and graphic design. My past projects have included designs and patterns for surfaces such as fabrics, wallpapers, iPhone cases and luxury hand-embroidered accessories.

I can work with almost any kind of a theme. Internet is my source of inspiration. There are so many pictures and so many themes to be explored. I’m not focusing on designing evergreen patterns for big customers, but prefer working with small, independent manufacturers who appreciate my skills and style, and to whom the design is playing an important role. These companies are not necessarily following the trends, but rather creating them.

I often times doubt the norms, both in business and in private. When designing a commissioned pattern, I try to find a new angle to the theme. I search for conflicts between the themes and the styles, and try to use the best bits in my works. 3D graphics, that I earlier disliked so much, are these days used on my digiprints quite often, and will be seen even more often in the future.

My full portfolio and references is available at www.ruusulampi.fi.

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