Anna Kuukka

I am Anna Kuukka, a Helsinki based designer with a degree of Master of Arts in textile design from Aalto University. I have applied my professional hand print in fashion, textiles, illustration, graphics, packaging and retail design. I feel especially passionate about surface design, and I am eager to work with a diverse selection of materials and innovative techniques. The aim of my practice is to create aesthetic solutions with a sense of depth and harmony.

My visual style is not loud or flashy; instead, I prefer it to ’whisper’ and address its user in a more subtle tone of voice. I also believe that a quality design is something you like to have in your life and enjoy for a longer period of time. Therefore, I rarely approach my work just in terms of the latest trends and seasons – I try to seek solutions that will hold their appeal in a longer time span, instead.

Currently I have been extremely inspired by the flora at my home, as my family
has recently moved into a new home with an old garden. It has been let to run a bit wild, and I’m constantly finding fantastic shades of colors, silhouettes, textures, compositions… oh, and there are birds, as well! The interplay of light and shadows and a sense of depth the foliage creates is just mesmerizing. It reflects well with my design aesthetics; meaningful things and beauty can be found even in the modest things in everyday life. I hope to capture even a small trace of this ambiance in my prints.

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