So far Patternsfrom Agency has been serving corporate clients, and it has been up to someone else than us to make the decisions for the patterns to end up on physical products. As we consider that there is plenty of talent among our textile designers, we have been thinking about entering the consumer good business. But we need your help.

Please see through our current pattern collection and use the “Rate and review” -tool for marking your personal pattern and colorway favourites. Also, it would be great to read you comments about the wished uses for the patterns. Be creative and let us know! Some of your wishes might come true sooner or later as we proceed with the plans!

Our first target are the local markets, and initially we thought to write this post only in Finnish. But as we have plenty of readers around the world, on our second thought, we decided to give everyone an equal chance to be heard. So please, the floor is yours.

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