When most of the people around the world celebrate Valentine’s day on February 14th, people in Finland know it better as Ystävänpäivä, the day of a friend. We at Patternsfrom Agency are happy to see, join and support any kind of celebrations as long as there is love and respect to each other involved!

We made a small collection suitable for celebrating this Valentine’s day.

Tiina Taivainen describes her Helmi-pattern in sweet and sugary colors: “This pattern was born with inkblot experiments. The outcome reminded me of a pearl necklace and the pattern came out as an abstract design of playful pearls – Helmi in Finnish.”

Mustikkamaito-pattern of Tanja Kallio has hidden hearts of blueberry in it. “Mustikkamaito is the Finnish word for blueberry milk. It is a late summer fast delicacy, available immediately when wild natural blueberries are ready for picking. “Mustikkamaito” pattern is simple and fresh, just like a spoonful of blueberry milk.”

“The graphical Iltanuotiolla pattern family is sketched in ink and gets its inspiration from scouting, campfires and smoke. Kulma means corner or angle. It reminds of the shapes of the logs and how important it is to place the logs in the right angle so the campfire will be lit easily” says Hanna Ruusulampi, the designer of Kulmat-pattern.

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