We have another good piece of news from Japan! Interior coordinators have never had this easy access to Scandinavian patterns as we announce one of our most recent references: Sangetsu Corporation! Besides of flooring materials, curtains and upholstery, Sangetsu is very well known for its wallpapers. Its eight showrooms and numerous sales offices all around Japan carry samples of their thousands of products and designs.

You can find our contribution by designers Tiina Taivainen and Tanja Kallio on page 14 and 15 of the SP Wallcoverings 2019-2021 -book. You have at least two more years time to plan your new interior decoration, as the collection is valid until 2021. Is it time to add some simple Scandinavian patterns into your interior? If you do so, don’t forget to use hashtag #patternsfromagency for us being able to find and like the outcome!

For this reference we are grateful for Dynic Corporation Co Ltd, and all other forces affecting in the background. Sometimes the pieces of a puzzle match, and they make a beautiful outcome!

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