The designers represented by Patternsfrom Agency have been designing plenty of patterns with different themes. On a regular basis, without asking, there are some birds flying into the patterns. We digged our pattern stocks, and found these patterns with birds that we wish to share with you. If you are interested in having patterns with birds, these or any other ones, in your upcoming collection, please do get in touch!

Treetop by Ilana Vähätupa

One of the first patterns we saw from Ilana Vähätupa before signing her to our agency was this blue and white pattern with small birds. This all round repeat is perfect for flat surfaces. As Ilana describes herself the pattern: “In this patter, small birds are sitting and looking around silently. The idea was to create a peaceful all round print which has a pattern on two levels, the birds and branhces for one and then the wavy figures repeated by the branches. Treetop is hand drawn and later composed and enhanced digitally.”

Pihapuu by Noora Hattunen

“I got my inspiration for this pattern from the birds in our yard. In the mornings our yard is full of dozens little bird searching for something to eat.”, describes Noora Hattunen, designer of Patternsfrom Agency since 2016. There are several colorversions of this pattern, here with some soft tones.

Pientare by Tanja Kallio

Tanja Kallio‘s birds for Pientare pattern were created by painting. After all the elements were first painted individually, she combined them to this lively pattern, which is an ode to spring. “Colourful pattern tells a story of what happens in and around the forest in the spring season. You can see spring flowers, ferns and blackbirds jumping here and there. This two way pattern has vintage atmosphere”, Tanja says.

Crow by Hanna Ruusulampi

Crow was among the first patterns of Hanna Ruusulampi that were displayed in Hanna’s portfolio at Patternsfrom Agency. This pattern is a statement for the status of the globe and the human behaviour in the 21st century. As Hanna says, “This pattern collection was inspired by landfills, trash, wheels, plastic bags and birds.”.

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