Our four seasons provide great inspiration, and now it is time to make an ode to the never ending summer. To celebrate the short and intensive Finnish summer, we want to highlight some of our patterns with the summer theme.

Miira Zukale’s pattern Piha is part of Toukola collection. “Toukola collection got inspiration from a friendly neighbourhood near my home in Helsinki. There are cosy wooden houses and peaceful parks. In Piha pattern behind the old gates there are small wooden houses.”  Parks and courtyards provide great places for kids to play hide and seek.

“Hot summer days, sweet tastes and colors, and my favorite childhood T-shirt inspired Helle. The pattern is drawn free-hand and highlights the simple marker lines.”, says Ilana Vähätupa, the designer of tasty icecream pattern. Have you ever thrown a sudden outdoor ice cream party at -20°c with relevant accessories? We have!

In Hanna Ruusulampi’s Kaarnalaiva pattern you can find a seal winking at you. You can spot seals both in the Baltic Sea and Saimaa lake. The ones living in sweet waters of Saimaa are highly endangered – if you are lucky you can spot one or two in WWF live cameras when they are on.

Tiina Taivainen describes her Sulous pattern like this: “I made the skeches for Vehmas pattern family during a spring time but the patterns began to glow not until I colored them with verdant colors of late summer. Naivistic style combined with natural style makes them joyfull and happy.”  Which one of the three color versions do you like the best?

Tanja Kallio, the designer of Punajuuri pattern loves red beet. “Did you know that you can eat both roots and leaves of a red beet? This pattern is homage to Punajuuri – red beet that I like to grow and eat. The pattern is suitable for home textiles such as kitchen products like tablecloths, teatowels and aprons as such. However, with little modification it is perfect for hard materials like wood or porcelain products as well.”

“Towards the end of the summer one can see colourful fruits and berries in marketplaces all over Finland. The Toripäivä (“market day”) pattern is a tribute to the lingonberries, plums, damsons and gooseberries that provide us with much-needed vitamins and colours.” Maria Tolvanen says about her Toripäivä pattern.

July is the main summer holiday month in Finland, and we try to take it easy as well. However, we will have a busy fall ahead of us with the Intertextile and Japantex -exhibitions. So, if you are in the need of patterns, just send us a message and we will get back to you.

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