Are you into sewing and Finnish fabrics? Ommel 2018 – a festival for sewing and Finnish fabrics is coming up in June. There will be about 30 brands selling their fabrics and other materials&tools for sewing, and Patternsfrom Agency will be one of them!

Besides of gathering together the small and independent fabrics brands, the festival offers also professional program. There will be a variety of lectures and workshops for sewing enthusiasts. You can also meet and sew with like-minded sewing fans on daily sewing LANs.

Ommel 2018 -festival will be taking place in Espoo and is easily accessible by public transportation from Helsinki city centre. Ommel Association is organizing the event. Despite that our main business are patterns sold in data files for various purposes, we do have some fabrics as well, designed by our own designers.

If you are looking for indie-fabrics with fresh, Finnish patterns, Ommel 2018 is a perfect place for you! During the festival it is easy to get to know the major brands and makers. Welcome!

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