We are happy to inform our fans and followers about our fantastic start for 2018! There will be wallpapers with Nordic pattern design available in Japan soon! Our new customer, Joban Kyodo Printing Co. Ltd, will do some testing and prototyping in their production of wallpapers, and the patterns for this line are designed by Patternsfrom Agency’s designers.

Last November Patternsfrom Agency participated once again the Japantex -fair. While in Japan, we spent a day at Kitaibaraki city in which Joban Kyodo Printing has its factory. Besides of getting to know each other and conducting the business negotiations, there was a chance to dip into an onsen and enjoy art at Okakura Tenshin Museum. We took also a glimpse of this beautifull city on top of a nearby mountain.

Next we are looking forward to see and hear about the tests in the production. Very exciting!

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