In January, Patternsfrom Agency participated Heimtextil, the biggest international trade fair for home and contract textiles. Compared to the previous two years, we had more wall space to be used. Instead of using just one or two patterns to cover the walls, each of the participating designers had prepared a sample pattern for the coordinated display. Our pattern concepts, Classy, Lovely and Whimsical in the colors for 2019, were the heart of our minimalistic display.

The patterns on the display gained attention of customers with different kinds of pattern needs. Many were looking for floral patterns, some came for abstract ones. Customers from around the world seem to trust Nordic designers in designing for children, too! One of the companies stopping to see our patterns was Södahl. The philosophy of Södahl is to develop quality products in great designs, unique fabrics, patterns and colours that could be mixed and matched across the board. We remain waiting to see how our patterns are used in Södahl’s upcoming collection!

In conclusion, we are really happy for working with companies such as Södahl. Our aim is to supply patterns for surfaces that have a long life and are still trendy. Looks like we are doing it right!


If you share our thoughts of using long lasting yet trendy patterns on various surfaces, you know whom to contact.

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