I spent an afternoon at IPR University Center’s seminar yesterday. As the name of the organizer reveals, the seminar was all about the IPR, including patents, trademarks, design registrations etc., and it was aimed specially for startups.

There were many good points that were taken up, but one of the most interesting was the chart of Ocean Tomo for how the market value of S&P 500 companies has changed over the years: if 40 years ago the tangible assets made 83% of the value and intangible 17%, the numbers have been the opposite in 2015: intangible make 84%, and tangibles only 16% of the market value. Of course these are the figures of huge American multinationals listed in stock exchanges, but still. The same shift applies in smaller companies as well.

Patterns from Finland has been in touch with registration officials as well. Despite the fact that Patterns from Finland is not yet registered as an official company, we have experienced a rejection for one of our trademark applications. So, it’s time for us now to reconsidering the entire concept as well as creating our own IPR strategy. We have good reasons to do so, but that is a topic for another blog post.

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