We have uploaded again some new patterns, which are designed by Tanja Kallio. Here we will give her full profile for you to read.

Who are you and where do you come from?

I am Tanja Kallio and I come from a place there thoughts are blue, forest is my kitchen and beach my livingroom. This place is located in Kainuu, Northern part of Finland.

Describe yourself as a designer

I design all the time. Spontane, small everyday things inspire me. I collect those ideas, feelings, memories and stories to my professional bank. Walking out in the nature, mature itself, arts, food culture and historical layers give a lot to me as a designer. I work within graphic designing, textile designing as well as textile and environmental arts.

Do you have an idol?

I admire many creative people. To name some Finnish ones, Tapio Wirkkala, Maija Isola, Esteri Tomula, Eva Brummer, Pentti Sammallahti, Reidar Säreistöniemi, Erik Bruun, Reijo Kela, Anu Tuominen, Pekka Jylhä, Anne Kyyrö Quinn…

What is particular and essential for you as a designer?

As a designer I want to create a piece of a story. Its life continues and gets deeper meanings by experiencing, using and producing it. Aesthetics, balance, Scandinavian feeling, playfullness and traditions are important elements in my designs.

How do you get inspired?

The intuitive affects that I get from the insightful things I have experienced or noticed.

What is your favourite thing to design and why?

I love the rhythm, designing of forms with a harmony, and when the color meets the form and the material.

What are your wishes for being one of the designers at Patternsfrom Agency?

To become better known as a textile designer through my patterns. Get living out of cooperation. Be a member of an interactive group. Make contacts with customers, and have continuance with the relationships. Create stories through the patterns and challenge myself as a designer.

How does the future look like in ten years or so?

I would love to work strongly in design and textile fields, continuously learning new things. I have finalized great projects and have new possibilities ahead.

Full designer profile of Tanja Kallio is available here.

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