Today in our designer introduction is Maria Tolvanen, a newly graduated designer.

Who are you and where do you come from?

I was born 32-years ago in Eastern Finland, studied textile designing in Turku and am now living in Helsinki.

Describe yourself as a designer, what is particular and essential for you?

As a designer, I’m slow. I love to work on pattern ideas for a long time, to evaluate and to consider options properly before finishing the patterns. When designing, I usually design several patterns with the same theme. In my patterns you can always sense some cratfmanship, even in the designing process.

Do you have an idol?

My idols are e.g. textile designer and leader of the Arts&Crafts -movement William Morris, Post-war time Finnish designers, pioneer of sustainable design Victor Papanek and author/translator Kyllikki Villa, who worked while traveling around the world in cargo ships. 

How do you get inspiration?

I get inspiration from everyday life, and even the small, boring details of it. I love colors, and their combinations around me are facinating. Visual arts provide new thoughts for my work. Also designing itself is inspiring.

What is your favourite thing to design and why?

I love to design whimsical prints. I like experimental designing of textile surfaces. Alos designing of carpets would be interesting.

Are your designs out somewhere for the big audience already?

I have designed e.g. for Kauniste, Kaiku Ethical, Seurasaari museum and Tikau. I’m happy that I have had chances to cooperate with organizations that I share similar sence of aesthetics and values with.

What are your wishes for being one of the designers at Patternsfrom Agency?

I hope to reach the international markets and to the awareness of potential partners.

How does the future look like in ten years or so?

In the future, I would like to work in projects that combine fair trade and design. It would be great to work with the joint projects with other designers and artists, in the field of arts and design.

What is your favourite pattern in current Patternsfrom Agency -collection?

My favourite pattern is Espanjalaiset helmat, because it is effortless, surprising and funny.

Full designer profile of Maria Tolvanen is available here.

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