Our series of designer introduction is on its next chapter. Today you will meet Ilana Vähätupa.

Who are you and where do you come from?

I’m Ilana Vähätupa, born in Rauma. I graduated as a textile designer two years ago from Turku, and started to feel like having more space and peace around me. I found those from Salo, so in the begining of the year I began living in the fifth coastal city in my life.

Describe yourself as a designer, what is particular and essential for you?

As a designer, I’m keen on being versatile and finding new ways of realisation. In pattern designing the figures forming on a piece of paper are the most essential thing. Some ideas need time a special place before they are being fully processed. That’s why my scetch books are as full as they can get, and the ideas are there just waiting for their turn. My ways of working vary from working strictly on pre-decided themes to senseless scetching. Sometimes I dig up my very old patterns and re-form them to be better, because I believe in the power of self-critisism. Many different kinds of materials insipre me, and that is why also weaving and product designing are my passions. Designing is part of me, and you can’t (and don’t want to) take it away from me.

Do you have an idol?

One thing in common for my idols is strong vision and diligence. One example is Theo Jansen, and his breathtaking way to combine arts and science. Another is Dora Jung, the way how she was devoted to her work and a pioneer in hew field. Third is Piet Mondrian, his philosophy and unconditionality. Generall speaking, I often admire more the ways people are doing and thinking, not the final product itself.

How do you get inspiration?

I get insipred by everything, if one can say so, because any thing around me may give the first boost for a design. It’s like uncontrollable flow of ideas, there I can pick pieces. The process from the first inspiration to the final design is always a living process, which should have enough space as well as possibility to change the direction. Each work is a journey of its own. Endless observing, learning and getting excited of details are the keys for my inspiration.

What is your favourite thing to design and why?

In pattern designing I don’t end up to certain motifs conciously, but I have noticed different plants and abstract surfaces do appear on my patterns quite often. Well, they do tell something about my interests… I like black-and-white patterns, vivid color surfaces and flowing lines, but I try to challenge myself often to design something outside my own comfort zone.

What are your wishes for being one of the designers at Patternsfrom Agency?

I hope Patternsfrom Agency will bring along new partnerships, inspiring challenges and fantastic people. And of course plenty of pattern designing.

How does the future look like in ten years or so?

In the future I will work with textiles, patterns and designing. I hope I have learned a lot. I let life to surprise me.

What is your favourite pattern in current Patternsfrom Agency -collection?

Kahandi Design’s Afrikan Lilja in green and yellow, just to name one.

Full designer profile of Ilana Vähätupa is available here.

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