Following designer on our spotlight is Ammi Lahtinen. Patternsfrom Agency’s customers have admired her floral patterns for the past year now.

Who are you and where do you come from?

My name Annamari has been abbreviated to Ammi since I was a child. I was born in Lammi, which is known besides for its beer, also as a location of good quality linen back in the days. Perhaps the latter has en effect on my current profession!

Do you have an idol?

I don’t have one single idol.

At the moment I’m interested in Enni Id – a painter who lived in Padasjoki near Lammi in 20th century. She painted her house, including the furniture, full with illustrations and patterns. So far I have seen only some photos of the place, but I wish to visit her place one day.

Describe yourself as a designerHow do you get inspired? What is your favourite thing to design and why?

One of my colleagues said once that I’m a strange combination of creativity and systematization. Sounds nice! Both the details and the big picture are interesting to me. As a designer I enjoy when having free hands to create first the elements, then the patterns, and finally the collections. You know – creating and managing concepts, and at the same time looking for my own paths.

As quite many other designers, my inspiration is the surrounding environment. I take plenty of photos for remembering the ideas and the small details of what I see. My patterns are oftentimes based on severals ideas from different persiods of time: one photo is inspiring because of its colors, the other because of its theme and the third because of its rhythm. All combined with my inspiration!

Are your designs out somewhere for the big audience already?

I made my master’s thesis for Aalto University in collaboration with the Ateneum Art Museum. The task was to design a print collection for the Ateneum museum shop. The inspiration for the patterns comes from the decorative elements inside the Ateneum Art Museum building. Own print and product collection enables the museum shop to offer a wider selection of meaningful products for a museum shop visitor.

This fall my patterns will be decorating also bed headboards, thanks to Patternsfrom Agency’s collaboration with France Bed, a Japanese company manufacturing among others motorized beds of high quality and superb technology. Another collaboration in Japan is still unpublished, so more about that later on.

What are your wishes for being one of the designers at Patternsfrom Agency?

I’m happy to be able to work and create patterns with my own methods. It’s great to have them shown both nationally and internationally as part of the pattern database of Patternsfrom Agency.

I’m wishing that my designs end up first to the production and later on to be part of end users’ living environment. It’s fascinating to think that the patterns are a combination of small details in my own environment, and that they end up being small details in someone’s environment. I’m looking forward to meet some of the end users later on!

How does the future look like in ten years or so?

Despite I’m an ambitious person, it is difficult to think what is happening in ten years – it is so long time ahead! In ten years I might say how quickly time has passed by, and how difficult it is to predict the upcoming ten years.

What is your favourite pattern in current Patternsfrom Agency -collection?

Difficult to say, because they make a full collection, and that’s why even a full story.

I loved working with Flower Carnival, because it includes several flower elements and it reminds me of the sunny and warm summer days as well as unscheduled evenings at Esplanadi-park last year.

Full designer profile of Ammi Lahtinen is available here.

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