Greetings from Frankfurt, Germany! The 50th Heimtextil fair is about to begin, and we are here to display Nordic patterns and consulting services.

We tend to have special offers during the fairs, and this year is no exception. For the rest of January 2020, we are running an offer for coordination of collections.

Let us design you a collection of 10 patterns with harmonized, trendy color ways in two weeks time for 2000 euros!

We expect you to be familiar with Nordic style and its characteristics, because that is the style we are professionals for. Also, we expect to receive a design brief from you, which states the target group, styles, themes, techniques etc. For the colors, we can either use your own color pallette, or create one for you. The day when we have all the information needed is day zero, and 14 days after you will have a fascinating collection with authentic, Nordic patterns finalized. You will receive designers’ photos and their bios, as well as pattern stories for marketing purposes. The collection will be labeled with Design from Finland -mark.

Please note, that the offer for coordination of collections doesn’t include the rights to use the patterns in production. We work with global exclusive, semi-exclusive and limited exclusive rights so that you can be sure that you are the only company using those patterns in your market. The cheapest licence is 300 euros and valid for two years.

Please get in touch for a service request, more information and other details.


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