Finland-based design agency Patternsfrom Agency has been witnessing the rising boom for Nordic interiors and lifestyle in Asia. During the recent years Finland has been ranked as one of the top countries what comes to the happiness of the citizens, study performance of teenagers and cleanness of the air. These combined together with the general Nordic values including equality of genders, high social welfare and high technological standards makes people getting interested in the Nordic lifestyle and interiors more and more, especially in Asia.

For the increased demand and easier understanding of Nordic style, Patternsfrom Agency has created three pattern concepts, Classy, Lovely and Whimsical, covering the main styles associated with Nordic design. The concepts have patterns designed by a given color pallette and a loose theme. All patterns designed by the designers represented by Patternsfrom Agency are unique and hand-made. As the authenticity of patterns is highly valued at Patternsfrom Agency, its customers are encouraged to use the original stories and photos related with the pattern and its designers. Besides of selling rights to use the ready made patterns with either exclusive or non-exclusive terms, Patternsfrom Agency sells patterns also by commission.

Patternsfrom Agency is participating for the fourth consecutive year at Heimtextil in Germany. At Heimtextil 2019 you can find patterns designed by eleven Finnish textile and surface designers: Ilana Vähätupa, Maria Tolvanen, Tanja Kallio, Johanna Rautiainen, Miira Zukale, Ammi Lahtinen, Hanna Ruusulampi, Noora Hattunen, Tiina Taivainen, Outi Santaniemi and Miia Kajaani at booth 3.0 D17.


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