The traditional symbols of Easter include witches with black cats, bunnies, chicken and fresh, green grass. Patternsfrom Agency’s interpretation for Easter patterns do not include direct symbols. Instead, we make an approach for the spring with the colors: bright yellow and fresh green. This way we tie the final products with the spring season, but not exactly Easter. This gives much longer life to the final products. The consumers against throwawayism love it.

The Easter patterns displayed this year include following:

Lauantai by Maria Tolvanen: “The name of this sugar sweet pattern means Saturday in English, and it is inspired by a popular Finnish candy mix that translates roughly to “the Saturday bag”. Versatile and joyful, it fits both stationary and wallpapers as well as in different kinds of home textiles.”

Täplä by Hanna Ruusulampi: “This pattern was inspired by graphical textures and large size ink brushes. The original artwork was hand-painted on Chinese calligraphy paper.”

Tiles by Johanna Rautiainen: “Geometrical shapes, playing with pieces of puzzle, connecting the dots. This pattern is playful, fun and minimalistic, offering small scale patterns suitable for many different purposes.”

Park by Miira Zukale: “I like to sit in the park watching the trees and their shapes. That’s the favourite thing in spring time when leaves grow into trees. The feeling of first leaves and flowers of spring inspired this pattern. Patterns have a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere. I made them by cutting the paper.”

The sun is shining from early morning until late evening, and birds are giving non-stop concerts in Finland. This year Easter seems to be warm and dry, so several people, including us, do spring rake during the spring break.

Wishing you a Happy Easter and lovely approaching spring!

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