Another year of pig is coming to its end, when people celebrate Chinese New Year on January 25th 2020. For this celebration we want to take a look at the future!

Noora Hattunen has interpreted with different techniques the upcoming zodiac signs Rat, Ox and Tiger. The rat, by name Mimmi-Emilia, is a kind lady living in a tea pot. Mimmi-Emilia was first drawn black and white by a pen. Later on Noora created the tea pot house, and the entire surroundings and color scheme for a pattern suitable for e.g. baby goods.

The ox is rather an illustration, made with calming aquarelles. The ox has gentle-looking eyes and habitus, even though its horns are sharp. This ox would look great on pillow covers!

The pattern with a tiger is again in repeat, and there are plenty of shapes and stories in this pattern. How would you use this pattern? Let us know in the comment box below!

With these samples of Noora for the upcoming Chinese zodiac years we wish to convince how versatile the designers are. They are more than willing to create seasonal patterns, e.g. for the upcoming New Year celebrations. Likewise, for the customers, we can not stress out enough to give limits when commisioning a designer: with clear instructions and wishes you will get a pattern of your dreams, by no doubt!

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