We met and discussed with many nice people at Heimtextil 2016, when it was our first time at the fair. Two people stayed in our minds especially, a young lady and her colleague, who saw through our patterns very carefully. After a longish visit at our booth they thanked, and said their market, Thailand, is not ready for the bold and simple Finnish patterns, yet.

After one year, these same smiley people came to see us and our patterns again at Heimtextil 2017. We suggested creating patterns from the scratch there the traditional Thai customer preferences for design would have been taken into account. We went through all the patterns, and there were some that took their attention. Those patterns are truly Finnish patterns, not only because of their style, but also because of their theme.

The chosen patterns and their designers will be revealed as the production in Thailand is finalized and the products will hit the market. We keep fingers crossed for a successful launch of these products, and wish to collaborate with Silkentex Co. Ltd on upcoming years too!

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