We have good news from Japan again: a wallpaper manufacturer WhO got interested in our patterns and we will see several of the patterns on wallpapers later this year.

Our aim is to learn from our customers, this project being no exception. We found several weak spots in our sales and especially communication process. One of the issues was the pattern data, which has been and will be delivered in .pdf form.

We realized that despite our designers deliver data in repeat, the patterns are not always designed in vector form. As an adjustement, we studied all the available forms for our patterns. We can now improve our service level, as we can offer all available forms according to the availability.

With this we realized, that some of our patterns are unique pieces of art! However, if our customer needs the data in vectorized form, our professional designers can deliver it!

If you are in the need of patterns, don’t hesitate to take a look at the current collection at our website or the stock of patterns at our Pinterest page. We encourage you to get to know us and our concept as well, as you might find some answers to your questions over there.

Anyway, we look forward to see the final outcome of WhO wallpapers. Our designers love to design on big surfaces, so walls and wallpapers of WhO are a perfect match with us!

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