(The image is a screenshot from www.target.com)

This week, on April 17th, a huge American retailer, Target, will launch a wide collection of lifestyle products with Marimekko prints on them. The collection includes over 200 pieces from swimwear through outdoor decoration to entertaining essentials. As far as we know, it is the first time Finnish patterns reach America in this width, variety and price level.

We at Patterns from Finland are following closely how the Marimekko for Target -collaboration is received in America. We have a bunch of patterns waiting to be licensed for collaborations such as the one between Marimekko and Target. How does Patterns from Finland for Wal-Mart sound like?

Also, it is great to study how Finland/Scandinavian style is understood in America: does it mean big and colorful or simple and minimalistic elements on a pattern? If you are based in US, please let us know! Lucky as we are, Patterns from Finland has them both!

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