As an agent for Finnish textile designers, Patterns from Finland is constantly finding new ways for how to promote its designers in the most interesting and effective way. We have been active both in Finland and abroad, which has lead to the fact that our first projects are now public. Considering that we can never serve all the textile designers who are looking for an agent for themselves, and even if there are certain notable benefits when working with an agent per se, we have been considering things further.

How does a networking/matchmaking/sales event there designers and buyers would meet sound like?

The event would be open for Finland based textile/surface designers and buyers who need patterns for their products, may they be interior fabrics, wallpapers, stationaries, fashion items or anything in between. Designers would meet new potential buyers, perhaps sell a pattern or two, and buyers would get to know several independent designers and the styles they have to offer at one time.

We have been pitching this idea at several sales meetings, and preliminarily it has received good feedback. However, before processing the idea further, we would like to open a wider discussion for whether this kind of an event is really needed. If you are in the field, a designer or a buyer, please leave your comment on the topic, either on a private message, or publicly at the comment field below.

Thanking you in advance!

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