Are you looking for new curtains with Nordic patterns? Once again we have good news for you: check out the current collection at Nitori shops or their webshop!

We visited a shop in Tokyo, and found curtains with patterns from Tiina Taivainen and Tanja Kallio currently available. All five different options were hanging next to each other. So please do not waste your time, but check out the options at Nitori!

At the shop, we paid attention to Design from Finland -labels. They were hanging on curtains with Vallila Interiors’ patterns on them stating Vallila X Nitori. We will defenitely investigate the possibility to provide similar kind of brand collaboration to our customers as a result to this notice! Would you be willing to have a similar label on your original product? As a sign of our brand collaboration it would just say Patternsfrom Agency X Your Brand? Besides of curtains with Nordic patterns we are able to supply patterns on any thinkable surface. Send us a message and test us if you do not believe!

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