The spring is here, and so is our collection of spring patterns!

Hanna Ruusulampi describes her Siili pattern: “Sometimes you can find a forest in your back yard where hedgehogs and other tiny animals come find their food.”

Hanna’s Solmu pattern got inspiration of the messy string of a sledge. “In the winter you need to take a sled with you, but the string has gone all messy and wild.” Have you ever been straightening up a messy string in a hurry to enjoy winter’s first rides?

Tanja Kallio’s spring pattern Kuku is also inspired by the winter season. “Kuku is a playful abstract pattern. You can see the sky with moon and birds or perhaps juniper berries in the middle of winter in it. Hand-painted pattern. Inspired by the abstract forms and colors of a cold bright winter afternoon.”

Johanna Rautiainen’s Lush is one of the three patterns inspired by the different shapes in the nature: organic, round, geometric, edgy. Always changing, always surprising. All the pattern consists of hand-drawn line, creating effortless and vivid outcome.

The colors that our designers have used are for 2020 and beyond. As always, you are entitled to change the colors, if they do not fit your needs as such.

Please enjoy our second release of patterns for this year!

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