Ask a design agent! -session is coming up again! We had a face-to-face one at Tampere Design Week last year. However, this time we want to host it online so that anyone can participate!

At 10AM (UTC +2) we post an image on our Instagram and Facebook feeds. Feel free to hit us with your questions in those threads! The questions may be easy or tricky ones, related with our way to operate or your way to source for patterns, from professionals, freelancers, students, anyone! The session will last for 60 minutes, and we promise to answer your questions whatever they might be.

We work hard on open communication and aim in providing services no other design agency or studio does. This session is one of the means towards our goal. We advice you to take your chance and ask a design agent!  Perhaps your question helps someone else to understand better the world of surface design!

See you online on Monday, March 16th 2020!


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