We don’t know how much you know about Finland, but let us tell you a bit about it. We do have four very different kinds of seasons. The outside temperature is most often somewhere between -25°c and +25°c. With that the daily doze of sunshine varies between 0 hours to 24 hours. There are months when everything is frozen and the environment looks like dead. Six months after there is growth, bloom and joy of life everywhere you look.

Spring is, by no doubt, the season of color green. After a long and harsh winter, trees get their leaves and various plants grow again, each and every species with their own tone of green. Before the tones gets darker as the summer takes over it is easy to spot hundreds of shades of green.

One day we looked outside of the office window and used Color Grab -application of Loomatix to count the shades of green that we could see. It took less than one minute to point out the first 25 shades of green, and another minute to 25 more. Adding to this the effect of clouds, shadows and rising/setting sun, you can easily spot hundreds of tones of green, standing in one single spot only.

Quite inspiring, huh?

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