Terms of Use

1. Patternsfrom Agency is a database created for promoting Finland-based textile and surface designers in global markets. The concept is created by 0.7 design Ltd and sole proprietorship Kanga’s, who have curated both the designers and the patterns promoted via patternsfrom.fi -site. Designs and patterns visible on the site are protected by general copyright and intellectual property laws. The rights of all the patterns belong to the designers until a customer has made a money transaction for a particular pattern.

2. All information provided by customers to patternsfrom.fi is strictly confidential and will not be passed on to a third party. We kindly ask our customers to provide only true and correct data.

3. It is possible either to purchase or license a pattern. Reselling, sub-licensing or passing the pattern on to a third party is strictly prohibited. In the case of purchasing a pattern, customer makes a one time money transaction based on the indicated pattern’s price. The customer gains all rights to the pattern for the agreed uses, with no limitations regarding time. In case of licensing a pattern, customer makes a 50% payment of the indicated pattern’s price. Limitations occure for the use of the patterns and for the markets it is going to be used. Time period is restricted to two years, however, additional years are negotiable. Licensing is currently limited to the artwork, and does not cover the licensing of the brand Patternsfrom Agency.

4. Purchase process is following: Customer clicks on the ”I want this” -button next to the pattern he want to buy or have an enquiry for. Customer fills in the true and correct contact information, and sends the message to us. We will send back detailed terms of the options (purchase/license) as well as a low-resolution file there customer sees a detailed part of the pattern as well as how it repeats. If customer is happy with what he sees, we finalize either the purchase or licensing agreement. We sign a written contract before each purchase and licence transaction. As the payment is registered, we will send the original copy, a pdf-file as a default.

5. The patterns are divided into four price categories, which are available upon request. Prices are given in Euros with VAT 0%. VAT will be added to customer’s invoice if so required by Finnish tax laws.

6. Invoices are to be paid via a traditional bank transfer in the given amount. Additional fees arising with the payment method are to be paid by the customer.

7. The sold patterns will be removed from patternsfrom.fi -site so that no other party may purchase them. The licensed patterns remain on the site, and they are marked as licensed patterns. Those we may licensed to another customer, but for a different market or use. Licensed patterns may not be sold anymore. Due to the nature of the business,  the purchased/licensed patterns can not be returned by the customer nor refunded by Patternsfrom Agency.

8. All patterns in the online database are watermarked. As the pattern is purchased, we will send the original version of the pattern, as a default in pdf-file. The designers of patternsfrom.fi guarantee that the patterns are original and they have all rights of the patterns.

9. A detailed Buyers’ Guide is available here.

10. If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us. We are there to help you.

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