Noora Hattunen

I live in Joensuu in Eastern part of Finland. I get plenty of inspiration just by looking through my window. The nature here is green and lush, and my backyard nourishes my mind. There are dozens of little birds, brown hares, hedgehogs, different kind of plants, trees and berry bushes.

My inspiration is a combination of my North Karelian roots, folklore, Northern nature, animals, mystics, fairy tales, moods, fragrances and dreams – all this mixed up with rich color scheme. As a designer I’m like the seven-headed dragon of fairy tales; each head is a different color and has different character.

My style is colourful, rich and playful. I like to use line drawings with thin lines and genereous details. My other favourite tool are watercolours, which I use to get more delicate atmosphere to my patterns.

I lived four years in Rovaniemi, there I studied textile design in The University of Lapland. I graduated as Master of Arts (MA). I’m also an interior and furniture designer (BA), house builder and a scenery builder. I run a one-woman design office called Zirpus Design. Its main business is in surface and pattern design and illustrations. You are welcome to follow Zirpus Design in Facebook and Instagram.

I look forward to take over the whole world with my designs!

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