Ammi Lahtinen

It says Annamari in my passport, but I have been called Ammi for as long as I can remember. As the story tells, I actually named myself Ammi. Sure, it must have been easier for a little toddler to pronounce, but oddly enough, Annamari seems equally difficult to adults. In other words, just call me Ammi.

Originally, I am from a countryside town called Lammi (I swear, I did not make it up!), located some 125 km north of Helsinki. Lammi is best known for sahti, a traditional beer from Finland. I moved to Helsinki in 2007, which has been my headquarters ever since. I graduated from Aalto University of Arts, Design and Architecture with a Master’s degree in Textile Art and Design.


As a designer I find inspiration from details in my surroundings; interesting elements like repetition, colours, structures, lights, shadows and reflections that catch my eye. You are welcome to follow me on my search of inspiration on Instagram: @instagr_ammi.

I take a lot of photos to remember even the smallest design ideas. Yes, I get weird looks from people passing by, wondering why I am photographing rows of shopping carts in the supermarket or the dirty floor of a local tram. Every once in a while I like to use old school cameras as with those, the end result always comes with a surprise element regardless of how the photos are planned.

My designs are combinations of memories and dreams. You know, with good imagination you have yesterday, today and tomorrow all right here, right now.


The storyline of my collection is about the small details in the city. Some of them are hidden, located in inner courtyards but most are in a plain sight – just easily blend into the big picture. The first sketches for this collection have been drawn while sitting in a tram number 3 in Helsinki. I was looking at some details of decorative buildings. As I am known for drawing flowers, this time is no exception; the city view comes with floral patterns too.

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