Patternsfrom Agency – designing your surface

Women behind Patternsfrom Agency are Kristiina Tergujeff and Jenni Moberg, the agent sisters. We grew up with the scout movement together and were often thought to be siblings. In 2015 we had a strong vision for the future of Finnish textile designers, but we were missing a path to follow for reaching the vision. However, we set some goals and began the journey of Patternsfrom Agency, as we both believe in learning by doing despite of the fact that we are different, Kristiina being more artsy and family oriented whereas Jenni a business-minded vagabond.

We started with three awesome textile designers, and soon realised that we need different styles and people to our pool of designers. In the very begining we learned a lot from our designers as many of them had been doing the business much longer that us. Also, our first open-minded customers from Finland and Japan supported us with our choise of new, open and honest approach to surface designing.

Storytelling is our approach. We, as agents, collect signals of trends in surface design that we use in creating themes and color pallettes for our three pattern concepts, which are valid one year at the time. The three concepts are Classy, Lovely and Whimsical. Each concept has its own top-level story which guides our curated designers to create patterns accordingly to their own pattern portfolios at www.patternsfrom.fi, and create a story for each of the patterns that they design. Besides of buying or licensing the patterns and stories that are available online, you may request either minor or major changes to the patterns, or ask one or several of our designers to design patterns from the scratch.

So far we have been serving only corporate customers. However, in 2018 we will launch a lifestyle brand for consumers, which allows us to keep better oriented with the needs and wishes of consumers. The brand allows us to take leaps towards brand licensing as well.

By working with Patternsfrom Agency, you will have direct access to professional textile designers and rock-hard project management. Besides of the production ready patterns in repeat, we provide you authentic content from Finland, which you are free to use in your own product/service marketing, and that way build your own brand.

You can follow the agent sisters’ whereabouts online. We create different content on our @patternfrom -channels in Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest, and we write blog post on our homepage regularly too.

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