Pattern info

In our pattern database you can find patterns from curated designers. The database allows you to search patterns according to e.g. designer, theme and intended usage. If you can’t find a pattern what you are looking for or you want to have a pattern modified, our designers are happy to make it for you! Just get in touch!


We either sell or license the patterns. Patterns are classified into four price classes, the prices will be available upon request.

Please ask for an offer if you:

  • need a pattern to be modified in size or colours by the pattern’s designer
  • would like to buy several patterns from the same designer
  • would like to license a pattern

Projekt Posadka info

The idea for Patternsfrom Agency developed during Projekt Posadka. It was a project which aim was to establish collaboration between Finnish textile designers and Russian textile manufacturers. The project, financed by Ministry of Education and Culture, run during 2014. There were four designers that participated in it: Sari Taipale, Ilana Vähätupa, and as Kahandi Design Miia Kasule and Karoliina Halsti-Ndiaye.

You can read more about Project Posadka in 0.7 design’s homepage.

Companies behind Patternsfrom Agency

Kanga’s is a newly established design management and education consultancy, which is seeking business opportunities in Finland and abroad.

Being established in 2007, 0.7 design is one of the oldest design agencies in Finland. The company has been looking for new business opportunities for Finnish design and craft companies mainly from Japan.

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