We have been introducing our designers one by one since opening the service of Patternsfrom Agency. You can read about Ilana, Kahandi Design, Tanja, and Maria. This time we get an insight of Hanna Ruusulampi, whose patterns are open for your ratings and reviewings.

Who are you and where do you come from?

I’m Hanna Ruusulampi, from Rekola, Vantaa.

Describe yourself as a designer. How do you get inspired? What is your favourite thing to design and why?

I’ve been working as a freelance designer, illustrator and graphic designer since 2008. Internet has been and is my main source of inspiration. My patterns are combinations of ideas collected during the years. One pattern may include hudreds of microideas from here and there. These ideas may not even have anything in common. The final pattern is often very different compared with the one I initially had in my mind. Saying this, working with a flow is my kind of thing.

Very often I doubt the norms, even in pattern designing. When given a theme from a customer, I try to find a new angle for designing a pattern out of the given theme. I’m not afraid to fail, partly because of my philosophy: the best things appear through accidents and coincidences.

Are your designs out somewhere for the big audience already?

My customers are located all around the world, and my patterns can be found on mobile phone covers as well as embroidered handbags and purses to name a few. Also Puistoblues, the leading blues festival in Europe, is one of my customers.

One of my favourite projects has been with Pakistani craftsmen. I created embroided patterns for purses. The initial point for this project was to study islam and its symbols for being able to design suitable patterns the craftsmen would feel confortable working with.

Other references are available at www.ruusulampi.fi.

What are your wishes for being one of the designers at Patternsfrom Agency?

I’m happy to be able to work and create patterns with my own methods, and have them shown both nationally and internationally as part of the pattern database of Patternsfrom Agency.

I wish that my designs end up first to the production and later on to be part of end users’ living environment. I’m fascinated by the fact that the patterns are created as a combination of small details in my own environment, and that they end up being small details in someone’s environment. I’m looking forward to meet some of the end users later on!

How does the future look like in ten years or so?

I prefer working with small, independent manufacturers who appreciate my skills and style They are not necessarily following the trends, but creating them. I would like to continue with that.

Full designer profile of Hanna Ruusulampi is available here.


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